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Malala Day

We hear of those being shot in the line of fire, defending their country and their beliefs – mostly assuming that these beliefs are related to religion and nationality. Never has anything been more outrageous than being shot for a belief that entails progression, a belief that makes you aware and a belief in education. This is the reason why the world was left shocked when 15-year old Malala Yousafzai was shot for her stand for education for girls in Pakistan.

This young teenager had her voice heard on an international level when she wrote for a BBC blog that detailed her life under Taliban rule in Swat, Pakistan. This blog echoed across the globe, drawing the attention of readers as they learned the perspective of a young girl fighting for the right to be educated in the 21st Century – something which is taken for granted in most countries. Despite the ban on education for girls in the region, Malala’s attempt has been successful as she has been awarded the National Youth Peace Prize in 2011.

In light of recent events, it has become evident that the Taliban has identified this young woman as a threat to them – thus victimizing her in their attack. It seems ironic that the hugest threat for the Taliban is education – as it clearly indicates their insecurity. “Knowledge means power” has taken a whole new meaning for them, which has lead to them take extreme measure against the most simple right of every human being – the right to be educated.

On 9th October, Malala was shot while travelling via bus. The attack was clearly targeted at her, to silence her voice –  the voice of millions of girls who are deprived of an education. As we came together to pray for her fragile state, Malala’s doctors have confirmed that she is on the road to recovery. Further recognizing her efforts, a number of influential individuals are backing her as a nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Today has been named as Malala Day, a day to celebrate the “nation’s daughter” who fought alone on behalf of millions of girls. This brave 15 year old stood alone, now it is time that we stood up for her and showed our support for her great achievement in ultimately standing up to the Taliban. There are a number of initiatives being undertaken by the government of Pakistan and hopefully they will prove to be successes in the long run.

Whatever the future holds for this young lady, we hope that she succeeds in her mission in standing up to the Taliban and their unreasonable laws. She is an example for us of how the voice of one individual can resonate through the hearts of millions. Malala, we wish you health and expect you to make Pakistan proud to be the home of such a brave and courageous little girl.


4 thoughts on “Malala Day

  1. Beautiful tribute. She and a couple other young, victimized girls (though in different ways) inspired me to write about them. They deserve to have a voice. The more, the better. (Mine was last month entitled “Tears For Angels”.


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